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Call for Articles!
Knowledgeable writers wanted!
Become a contributing author!

Looking for a little exposure? Want to beef up your Internet presence? Have a site you think other potters or clay people would find valuable? Currently, we are seeking 800-1000 word articles on topics that would be of interest to ceramic or pottery enthusiasts. We are looking for authors to contribute to the information/articles section of the Clay Art Web Guide. If you have extensive knowledge or are versed in topics that would be of interest to our audience, feel free to contact us. Any suitable contributions will be added to our articles section. Please check what we have on the site now to see if you would like to add to the content. Each article published includes credit byline on the article, information about the author, and a link to the author's web site. 

Because of the amount of traffic, we receive, adding your article to the Clay Art Web Guide will increase your traffic. Please help us make the Clay Art  Web Guide the best pottery and ceramic resource on the web for all clay people. Our goal is to have an ever developing and informative web site. We want to make this a complete site for both the beginner and advanced.

Please send a one-page query letter summarizing a proposed article, describing the type of article or review. We will send you an acknowledgment email that we received your material. If we can use your article, we will get back in touch with you by email for the complete material. Our key considerations to use your article are: relevance, grammar, accuracy, and originality. Please send all queries or articles by email to


 Pit Fired Ceramics Advanced Techniques Article by Eduardo Lazo MFA

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