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  Show and Sell
By Ann Ruel

  Electric vs. Gas Firing: What's all the Fuss About, Anyway?
Review of a Steven Hill Workshop by Larry Kruzan

  Green Engineering
by Joe Roach, AMACO/Brent Manufacturing Engineer/R&D 

Glaze Without Fear
By Ihada Vishun

  Glaze is Not a Rock
An Introduction to Cooling and Holding Cycles in an Electric Kiln
by Carol Marians


Basic Internet Glaze Course
By Lili Krakowski



Seagrove International Ceramics Conference
Two events in North Carolina one would not want to miss!



Pit Fire Ceramics - Advanced Techniques©
By Eduardo Lazo, MFA

Photo: Pit Fire Stoneware Vessel, 18 x 14, low fire aluminum foil saggar, salt fumed with sodium chloride, ferric chloride, copper sulfate, sea weed and cow pies, 2003


HOW TO-Tutorial with Digital Photo demo on Pulling Really Long Clay Handles.

by Kathy Chamberlin

      To Clean or Not to Clean Porcelain and How to Do It
                          by Stewart Hopewell of Elite Repeats




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