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Surface Texture Tools Use and Tricks - Potter's Wheel

The information below will illustrate (pictures and video clips) how to quickly create beautiful and unique texture on your pots. As always, if you have any questions, shoot an e-mail to us ( Have fun!

Gear on an 1/2" plumbing pipe Pie Crust Cutter Buffing Wheel Cleaner The Steve Tool Fluting Tool

Torch-bernzomatic-TS4000 Slip - no grog and sieved
How to make slip
Spring flat metal Rope Segment Mudtool red ribs
Chatter Pot on the Wheel - Tall and Flat Forms
A chatter texture can be created with any springy metal. The chatter design is determined by, the speed of the wheel, the pressure of the metal on the clay, the softness or hardness of the clay, and the distance between the end of the metal plate and where it is held. Once the metal starts to chatter, hold that position until the chatter sound gets really loud. When done, move the metal away from the clay very quickly and then turn the wheel off to prevent smearing of the texture. See video link 1 (tall forms chatter) and video link 2 (flat forms chatter).

Spring flat metal Spring flat metal 2 Chatter Texture Chatter texture close up Chatter Tall Form Video 1

Low frequency chatter Higher frequency chatter Higher frequency chatter Low frequency chatter Rough texture
Dry pot to desired level Flat form texture Flat form texture - glazed Flat form texture - glazed Chatter Flat Form Video 2