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Featured Artists

Cindy Buehler

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Bill Lee Clay
Slab-built earthenware clay, functional with a sculptural twist .Also one of a kind ceramic sculptures.
  Lowland Dragon Studios
Lowland Dragon Studios is a cooperative environment for the ceramic work of Sue Morse from Phoenix, Arizona, and Wally Asselberghs from Lille, Belgium.
  Marla's Mud
Featuring porcelain, stoneware and earthenware beads, pendants and pottery. Wholesale and retail.
Smiling Cow Studio
Ceramic artists Adrienne Gradauer and Zacharie Quin make functional stoneware and porcelain of the highest quality in terms of craftsmanship and artistry.
Sofia's Dad's Pots
Functional and decorative porcelain ceramic pieces.
Carole Epp Ceramics
Functional domestic wares produced in Southern Ice Porcelain and stoneware.
Iktomi - Denise Ferragamo
Original clay sculpture, animal spirit guides, ceramic pottery and whimsical hand built treasures from stoneware and porcelain.
  Clay Mystique
Functional work in stoneware and porcelain.
  Richard Aerni Pottery
Ash glazed, single-fired stoneware.
  Running Rabbit Pottery - Patti Petit
Leaf People, faeries, small animals and vignettes from Patti Petit's garden and surrounding areas.
  Anne Webb
One-of-kind art pottery & high-fired stoneware pottery from local native clay.
  Yellow Room Arts
Functional and decorative pottery.
  Elan Fine Pottery/ Eleanor Hendriks
Functional stoneware pottery from Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada.
KaratsuPots - Traditional Karatsu Ware from Taku, Japan
  Van Wagoner Studios
Functional ceramics, tiles, and decorative objects.
  Pat Parker's Stoneware Pottery
Ceramic artist specializing in stoneware clay pottery; hand built, and on the wheel.
  Christine Winokur Pottery
Functional stoneware.
  Clear Creek Pottery - Steve Dalton
Ceramic artist specializing in stoneware clay pottery; hand built, and on the wheel.
  Carolyn Dilcher Stutz
Sculpted animals, animal tiles, stoneware pots.
  Bison Studios
Potter's Trimming Tools, and, other Tools for Ceramic Work.
 Stauffer Ceramics
Pottery, handmade brushes, books, sculpture.
  Mick Marineau - Jensen and Marineau Ceramics
Sculpture, earthenware pottery, and lamps.
 Barb Jensen- Jensen and Marineau Cermics
Blue & white tile for bathrooms, kitchens, and fireplace surrounds with whimsical line drawings. Blue & white porcelain pottery.
Bonnie Hitchcock
High fire, functional porcelain and stoneware.
Jamie Yocono
Sushi dinnerware sets.
Matthew Yanchuk
Low-fire earthenware with bold graphic designs.
Tea sets, saki sets, sushi plates and miso bowls, salad bowls and bathroom sinks..
Kathy McDonald
Functional stoneware and ceramic jewelry.
Cindy Buehler
Functional pottery.
Revera- Beads by all Means
Ceramic beads.
C. Laura Irmis
Functional ceramics.

Richard Aerni

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