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Artist Statement
I have been an artist all my life, but it has just been within the last few years that I have begun to channel this artistic interest to begin my training as a craftsman in clay. Each piece I make brings a new revelation about how I can further stretch the materials and what I can do to make the next piece of better quality to achieve my own level of aesthetic. I have no hidden agenda or political statements to make in my work, but am influenced by western culture and draw from my own past and present experiences. I enjoy looking back at the entire body of work I have created to analyze my own growth. In this way, I become a better craftsman and I develop a better way of understanding myself and what I want to achieve aesthetically.

I tend to be drawn toward the elements of form and texture more than any other element of art. With this in mind, it is no wonder that my color palette tends to stay neutral to earthy. My lines tend to create illusions of mass. I undercut my shapes, and carving is almost always a must.

2004-2006 University of Texas at Tyler Painting, Art History I and II, Aquamedia, Sculpture I and II,
Ceramics; 2003-2006 Tyler Junior College Design I, Design II, Pottery; 1992-1996 Virginia Western
Community College Drawing I, Drawing II, Drawing III, Watercolor;1982-1986, Radford University; Bachelor of Science

Honors/ Awards
2008. Second Place. All Fire Up Show at Blue Skies Gallery in Hampton, VA.
2008. Third Place. Lake Festival in Clarksville, VA. with Eve Butts.
2008. First Place. Air and Water Show at Blue Skies Gallery in Hampton, VA.
2006. Second Place. Juried Student Exhibition at University of Texas at Tyler.
2004. Honorable Mention. Juried Student Exhibition at University of Texas at Tyler.
2004. Director’s Choice Award. Viewpoints All-State Juried Show out of 225 submitted works.
Related Experience
2009 Invited to participate in Governor's School Silent Auction; 2009 Volunteer for Empty Bowls
Dinner;2009 Invited to participate in the Norfolk Academy Art Exhibit and fundraiser; 2009 Juried into
Norfolk Collegiate Art Exhibit; 2008 Exhibited pottery in Summerscapes show at The Artist's Gallery-
Virginia Beach, VA.; 2006 Juror for Tyler Junior College Student Exhibit; 2006 Selected to participate
in collaborative 6"x7" paintings for Citizen's First Bank Lobby; Tyler, TX; 2004 Artwork selected to
appear on the cover of the 2004-05 Tyler Junior College Catalog; 2002-2003 Asked to participate on
gigantic mural project for Sunday School wing of Trinity Methodist Church in Gainesville, FL; 2001
Women’s Work Exhibit, High Springs Gallery; 2001 Work represented in Art Cafe in Gainesville, FL.

2009 January/February issue of Pottery Making Illustrated Magazine. Tips From the Pros: What a Relief.
2008 November/December issue of Pottery Making Illustrated Magazine. Tips From the Pros: Out of Round.


Ceramic Designer’s Association of Hampton Roads.

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