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Ruth Apter / One Hundred Horses Raku/ August 2008

This morning I figured out I am who I want to be when I I figured it out by the age of six.
Since I was six, or possibly younger, I have had a pretty clear vision of what I wanted.
I remember announcing to my parents at that early age that when I grew up I was going to live in a cabin in the mountains or by the sea.

By 23 I owned a  cabin in the woods on a mountain in Vermont. At  40,  I was living on a ferry served island in the northwest.
At 55 I am living on the Olympic peninsula in a barn being converted to a house, surrounded by forest, mountains and water.

Along the way I have always been making things. I am in fact a compulsive maker of things......

The studio always calls and it is hard for me not to go out there every day.
Raku fits my personality.
It has spontaneity, capriciousness and is full of surprises. It is dangerous. I like that too.
I love what I do. There is no end to learning the ceramic arts. I could live many life times and still be challenged. The fact that I am making a living doing raku is the greatest blessing of all.


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