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Ceramic Restoration

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Ceramic Restoration


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Emma Bradshaw - China & Porcelain Restoration
Emma Bradshaw offers quality repairs and restorations on all display ceramics from china to porcelain.
Tesserak Restoration Studios
Description: Tesserak Restoration Studio (formerly Venerable Classics). High quality restoration and repair of fine ceramics of all kinds, as well as items made of ivory, wood, stone or glass.
Ceramic and Pottery Restoration & Custom Made Replicas
Lakeside Pottery repairs and restores ceramic, pottery, statues, dolls, china, porcelain and wood sculptures. Lakeside Pottery is also a complete clay studio that creates ceramic replicas.

Ceramic Repair Porcelain China Restoration
Scandinavian based "Atelie de Montplaisir" Restoration Studio. Repair of antiques and collectibles. Conservation of ceramics. Invisible museum, oriental quality restoration.
Ceramic Restoration and Porcelain Repair
Ceramics Restored offers a professional China Pottery and Porcelain Restoration and Repair service with over 10 years experience.
Antique Restoration Service
Invisible restoration of objects D'Art made of porcelain, pottery, ivory, stone, wood. Glass & crystal repair; grinding chips on goblets. Cleaning and restoration of oil paintings on canvas base.
Ceramics Repair
Family run, established pottery repair service for the restoration of most ceramic types including collectibles such as Royal Doulton, Royal Worcester and Lladro.
China Repair Porcelain and Ceramic Repair
Professional restoration. Porcelain and ceramics are restored to the very highest standard, with the upmost care taken when working on your treasured items.
Ceramic Repair and Conservation Studio
The Ceramic Repair and Conservation Studio offers a full range of services for the repair, conservation and restoration of all ceramics modern and antique.
UK China Porcelain Repairs
UK Ceramic China and Porcelain Repairs and Restoration. Best possible repairs to your treasured possessions, using the most up to date methods.
China Repair by David Battams
Providing the best possible repairs to your treasured possessions, using the most up to date methods, returning your items to their former glory.
Global Ceramic Restoration
Complete invisible repair of damaged pottery and ceramic items. Chips and missing segments replaced, cracks repaired, colour and glaze matched to original standards.
Art Supplies of T.S. Restoration
Instructional videos, lessons and supplies for porcelain and pottery restoration. Acquire knowledge for a technical skill or also as a profitable home based business. Making chips disappear and fingers appear is the magic of the restorer.
Specializing in the conservation and restoration of earthenware from pre-historic, Roman, medieval and post-medieval time. We support educational projects, exhibitions and historic events by giving workshops and pottery demonstrations (all periods) and we make replicas of archaeological finds.
Conservation of Ceramics Glass and Enamels
Dedicated to the quality conservation and restoration of objects in terms of their future preservation.
Conservation to museum standards and restoration to the standard of invisible repair.
East Valley Supply
Selling epoxy since 1992 to ceramic artists across United States and Canada. For post-firing repairs of ceramics. Works like potters clay. Our COLORKIT allows epoxy to be colored.
Porcelain Restoration & China Repair
Australian based porcelain restoration & china repair studio. Learn the art of restoration! History of Thomas Goodfellow, Birks Rawlins & Co.
PreciousPieces by Suzanne
Expert restorations/repairs of china, porcelain, ceramics & crystal. Suzanne creatively combines old-world craftmanship with modern technology bringing damaged art objects back to life.
The Milliput Company
Manufacturer of Superfine White Milliput a two-part, cold setting, non-shrinking epoxy putty for ceramic restoration
Fine Porcelain Restoration
Museum quality restoration. Invisible repairs with 100% Lifetime Guarantee.

Antique Restorers
An online community of restorers sharing ideas with each other and providing information and advice about the proper restoration and care of antiques, porcelain, furniture, glass, art, pottery, fine art, and fine art frames.
Ceramic Restoration and Conservation
Article discussing the impact of ceramic restoration on value.
NOCG Porcelain Restoration
Offering repair and restoration on all varieties of porcelain and ceramics.



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