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Ceramic Suppliers

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Ceramic Suppliers


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Buy Glazes Online
Buy beautiful cones 5-6 glazes online. Each color has its own gallery so you can easily finish your ceramic art with flying colors..
Continental Clay Company - Minnesota
Continental Clay Company has an old-fashioned, friendly approach to sales and service and offers the following clay: earthenware, stoneware, raku, porcelain, sculpture, air-fire & custom mixes. Also available are glaze, under glaze, and stains, books, and a full range of equipment including wheels, kilns, shelves, and tools.
Flat Rock Clay Supplies
Flat Rock is a full service pottery supplier serving the professional potter, schools and hobbyists with a large selection of tools, books, moist clay and glazes, raw materials, kilns, wheels, pug mills and other large equipment.
The leader in wholesale ceramic accessories.
Alligator Clay Company
Alligator Clay Co. is the moist clay manufacturing division of Southern Pottery Equipment & Supplies. SPES was founded in New Orleans, LA in 1983 and moved to Baton Rouge, LA in 1985. We supply schools universities and potters throughout the Southeast.
BatGrabber Tools
BatGrabber™ - a great tool for potters.  Keeps bats with worn out holes in place.  Allows for fast setup/teardown.  An excellent trimming aid.  Lets you focus on creativity.  Setup is easy as 1-2-3.
Brennofen und Zubehör zum Töpfern und modellieren
Manufacturer of quality Glazes, Underglazes, Specialty Glazes, Acrylic Colour and many other products.
Clay Tools
This 7"  stainless steel tool is designed to carve flutes or scallops with exacting control. Click  "where to buy" , or use the "supplier locator" to find the supplier near you.
Clay Works Supplies Inc
We have a full line of clay, glazes, tools, equipment and books. Our delivery truck serves Maryland, Delaware, Northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania and Washington, DC.
Deal Craft- Custom Ceramic and Glass Decals
Manufacturer/Printer of custom waterslide/waterslip decals for application on ceramics, pottery, porcelain, and bone china.
Euclids Kiln and Elements
Manufacturer of kilns for pottery & glass and quality replacement elements for any kiln.  Supplier of kiln parts & accessories and of "Euclid's Choice" potter's wheels, slab rollers & tools
East Valley Supply
Selling epoxy since 1992 to ceramic artists across United States and Canada. For post-firing repairs of ceramics. Works like potters clay. Our COLORKIT allows epoxy to be colored.
Evenheat Kilns
Evenheat Manufactures Electric Kilns For Glass, Pottery, Ceramic, Porcelain, China and Knife Work. Our lines include RampMaster 2 kilns and controls, GTS glass kilns and the Hot Box.
Fsmart provides China Ceramics, Ceramic Crafts.
Fsmart also is an agent of several China ceramic manufacturers.
Furnace Engineering
Manufacturer of electric and gas kilns, slab rollers, temperature controllers, extruders.
Har-Bon Ceramics & Decal
Ceramic decals for every purpose. Over 5000 choices in online decal catalog. Secure shopping cart. Crystal murals, borders, accents. instructions, question & answer board, bulletin board & much more.
The Milliput Company
Manufacturer of Superfine White Milliput a two-part, cold setting, non-shrinking epoxy putty for ceramic restoration
Multifilla Art and Crafts Materials Supply
Comprehensive stock list of ceramic materials, hand tools, machineries, equipment and ceramic books.
New Mexico Clay Inc.
Pottery and ceramics Supplies. Everything for the potter and ceramist. Kilns, wheels, clay, Duncan, Mayco, Laguna, slab rollers, tools too!.
Oddly Enough Mosaics
Canadian based mosaic supplier in vitreous glass, ceramic tiny tiles and shapes, glass smalti, mosaic tools, and iridescent vitreous! We also have excellent resources in our community forum come and join!
Pottery Supply House
Pottery supplies and equipment.
Pottery Supply House
Pottery supplies and equipment.
Reel2Real Management manufacture equipment for the automatic application of decals to ceramics, glass, plastics, candles, spark plugs and many other articles
Trinity Ceramic Supply  
Trinity Ceramic Supply's new on-line Retail store, bringing you the same great tools and supplies as you would see in their retail store in Dallas.

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