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Newly Listed Sites


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Emily Murhphy
I get lost in each piece that I make. When Iím throwing a piece nothing is more important than the gesture of the form. When Iím decorating the form, the mark of the brush carries the weight of the world. While the world fades away, I think about someone using the piece over time and continuously discovering different nuanced aspects of the form and surface. The movement of the throwing line, the boldness of a brushstroke or the juxtaposition of the raw clay and the gloss of the glaze. When a kiln is unloaded and rows of pots are lined up, it might look like they are simply multiples of a form.
Lee Love - Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
I make functional pottery in an effort to preserve local culture in a throw-away society. My main goal is to inspire other people to make their own creative work. Human beings have always worked with their hands. We need both creativity and Nature to be healthy and whole human beings. Making and using handmade pottery is one way to bring Nature and culture together in human life. I intend my work to affect people who use it the way the green countryside affects someone who normally lives in the city: The fresh air and the green of the trees and grasses restores the soul and refreshes the spirit. If my work can do this, in a humble way, it is sucessful in my mind.

Dale Neese
A potter of over forty years, Dale Neese throws large vessels and functional stoneware with a historical focus
The Grand Hand
The Grand Hand Gallery offers contemporary fine American craft in a variety of media: clay, metal, wood, fiber, glass and jewelry. The gallery reflects owner Ann Ruhr Pifer's affinity for work that conveys a strong sense of authenticity, and that shows "the hand of the artist" at work
Established on Knox Street in 1980 and evolving into iota in 1993, we are committed to presenting to collectors and a discerning public the finest contemporary artists working in clay, glass, metal, wood and mixed medias. Through a selective inventory and exhibitions in house and on our web site, we endeavor to educate our audience while increasing awareness of fine art crafts.
Cynthia Bringle Pottery
Cynthia Bringle is a clay artist located in Penland, NC. Cynthia Bringle is one of America's pre-eminent potters and a legendary teacher whose sphere of influence stretches around the globe. For the forms she creates and the lives she shapes, Cynthia Bringle receives the 2002 North Carolina Award for Fine Arts.
John Boland Pottery
John Boland Pottery is located in the scenic seaside village of Warren, R.I. John specializes in reduction fired stoneware and porcelain vessels.
Phil Geil Pottery
Porcelain pottery and functional work by Phill Geil.
Clay Art by Francisco Ruz
Fine ceramics, murals, and sculptures, that are hand made, painted and kiln fired by master artist, Francisco Ruz, with masterpieces in Mexico City, and at some universities, like UNAM, and IPN.
Andersen Studio
American Ceramic Nature Art and Contemporary Functional Design since Midcentury. Slip cast Stoneware and original glazes. Handcrafted by Maine Artisans from American raw materials.
Jerry Sawitz Fine Art Studio
Specializing in one of a kind ceramic forms and wildlife paintings.
The Ah Haa School for the Arts
A center for the arts in Telluride, CO with year-round classes, workshops and exhibitions for all ages. Our Visiting Artist Workshops invite artists from around the nation to share their expertise in all mediums with a heavy focus on ceramics.
Riki Gill Ceramics
Riki Gill makes handmade and hand decorated porcelain pottery featuring dinnerware and one of a kind pieces. She specializes in custom dinner sets and serving pieces in a rainbow of color choices and offers place settings, platters, vases, bowls and many other items.
BlackTree Studio Pottery
Functional wheel thrown and hand built high fired stoneware and porcelain sculpted pottery.
Nan Rothwell
Website includes pages on Nanís pottery and her classes and workshops; plus throwing videos and glaze and firing information.
Billy Ray Mangham
Billy Ray Mangham has been working in clay for 28 years. Billy Ray work is focused on the Raku process. Pottery.
Steven Hill
Steven Hill Pottery at Center Street Clay. Acclaimed Pottery... Exceptional Workshops.
Oestreich Pottery
Online gallery of pottery work created by Jeff Oestreich.
Virginia Scotchie
Virginia Scotchie is a ceramic artist and head of Ceramics at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina.
Jane Barrow Ceramics
Janeís works have an enduring classic integrity. Streamlined forms using simple systems and patterning to embellish the surface and enhance the form. There are strong elements of repetition of line and refinement of surface that create rhythm and movement. A background in textile design combined with an extensive study of traditional wood firing and decorating techniques in Japan are the foundation of her work.
Ariella Anderson
Ceramic artist Ariella Anderson specializes in Raku, achieving vivid and vibrant colours. Andersonís work is contemporary and vibrant. Anderson redefines ceramics in her individual and challenging approach to clay. Her work is of female torsos depicting ethnic tribes of the desert, Raku wall hangings and flowing abstract sculptures to name a few.


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