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Newly Listed Sites


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Smiling Cow Studio
Ceramic artists, Adrienne Gradauer and Zacharie Quin, make functional stoneware and porcelain of the highest quality in terms of craftsmanship and artistry.
Ceramic Repair Porcelain China Restoration
Scandinavian based "Atelie de Montplaisir" Restoration Studio. Repair of antiques and collectibles. Conservation of ceramics. Invisible museum, oriental quality restoration.
Michele Collier
Slabs of clay fold and undulate to evoke the human form and allude to the human spirit.
Powdermill Pottery
Powdermill Pottery produces a fine line of crystalline, saggar fired and functional stoneware pottery.
Mud Puppy Potteryworks
Located in Queen Creek, Arizona – Mud Puppy Potteryworks handcrafted, wheel-thrown, functional pottery is produced from the finest stoneware clay body. Enhanced with earthy glaze colors named after locations and landmarks in Arizona, each piece is distinctively one of a kind.
Page Pottery
JR and Kristen Page are Artists and Craftspeople living in the Mountains of North Carolina. They make decorative hand crafted Pottery for daily use. offers a simple step by step expert system that guides you through the basic process of Glaze Creation and Analysis
Kathy Gregg
Wood fired sculpture and garden art from a whimsical imagination. Kathy's art is never boring.
  Jensen & Marineau Ceramics
Custom tile and pottery made in the hills outside of Portland, Oregon.
  Polmedia Polish Pottery 
Handcrafted Polish Pottery from major Boleslawiec producers: Zaklady Ceramiczne, Ceramika Artystyczna, Vena, Andy, KM.
Explore Japanese Ceramics
Join our special interest tour to explore the historical depth and cultural breadth of Japan through its ceramic arts.
Deer Woods Pottery
Wheel-thrown Stoneware for the 21st Century with Designs Influenced by the Anasazi People of the 13th Century. Functional and Decorative mugs, bowls, casseroles, canisters, pitchers, pie plates, platters.
The Chicago Mosaic School
The first school in the Americas dedicated to preserving and promoting Mosaic Arts through education and community partnerships. CMS offers classes, lectures, workshops with international visiting artists, and gallery exhibitions of contemporary mosaics.
Creekside Pottery – Timothy Sullivan
Located in Marietta Georgia, Timothy Sullivan produces a distinctive line of wheel thrown and altered porcelain and white stoneware vessels.
Ceramic Restoration and Porcelain Repair
Ceramics Restored offers a professional China Pottery and Porcelain Restoration and Repair service with over 10 years experience.
Willow Tree Pottery
High fire,slip-glazed pottery for the table and garden. Mixing bowls, dinner sets, platters, storage jars, casseroles, bells, scarecrows and more.
Ceramics by Toni
Hand built, highly colorful functional art, dedicated to whimsical and joyous imagery. Toni has been working since 1976 developing her unique style.
Nancy Briggs Pottery
Contains, gallery, part show list, photos of raku process links to galleries. Soon to be added, figurative sculpture.
  GullyBug Pottery
GullyBug jewelry is made-by-hand from Stoneware and Porcelain clay, Greek leather cording and sterling silver. Online shopping is available.
  Stoney Creek Pottery
Allyson May's alternative fired ceramics which include naked raku, raku, saggar, horse hair and ferric chloride as well as workshop opportunities in all techniques.
  Amazing Porcelain Beads & Jewelry
Unique artisan made porcelain beads, pendants, and jewelry. Interesting and varied decorative techniques including antique reproduction, china painted, slip trailing, underglaze, glazes and lusters.
Hand in Hand Gallery
Hand in Hand Gallery hosts Fire & Light: Wood-fired Clay from Western NC. An exhibition of WNC's top wood firing clay artists including  Judith Duff, Cynthia Bringle, Matt Jones and 20 other artists. Oct. 10-Nov. 30, 2008.
Visit Delphi and other picturesque places around through a domestic and alternating tourism & learn to make pots in small groups(up to 8),using the ancient Greek technique.
  MAKUstudio: Raku Beads and Jewelry
Funky, down to earth, eclectic raku beads, pendants and jewelry. Handmade one at a time!
Ceramics Repair
Family run, established pottery repair service for the restoration of most ceramic types including collectibles such as Royal Doulton, Royal Worcester and Lladro.
  Clingstones Ceramic Jewelry
Clingstones jewelry is beautiful and eye-catching - but also designed to showcase a value, philosophy or something the wearer wants to celebrate, remember or achieve.


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