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Newly Listed Sites


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Vicki Gardner Pottery
Original pottery and clay art designs for the modern home.
Marcia Selsor Studio
Marcia has been working in Raku for 45+ years. Her work currently focuses on Alternative firing processes; raku saggar and foil saggar pottery.
Ted Sutherland AIA ACHA
Clay sculptural created from randomly cut slabs, textured and colored prior to creation.
Emma Bradshaw - China & Porcelain Restoration
Emma Bradshaw offers quality repairs and restorations on all display ceramics from china to porcelain.
  Tonmalerei AT - Pottery & Painting
Christof Mayer´s pottery are colorful, cheerful and very playful decorative objects and commodities. Besides shaping and modeling also the designing of the surface and their detailed painting plays a large role.
Bill Lee Clay
Slab-built earthenware clay, functional with a sculptural twist .Also one of a kind ceramic sculptures.
Minnesota Women Ceramic Artists
Minnesota Women Ceramic Artists is a professional organization that supports women ceramic artists in Minnesota.
Tesserak Restoration Studios
Description: Tesserak Restoration Studio (formerly Venerable Classics). High quality restoration and repair of fine ceramics of all kinds, as well as items made of ivory, wood, stone or glass.

Margaret Bohls
Margaret Bohls handbuilt functional ceramics.
Margaret Bohls
Margaret Bohls handbuilt functional ceramics.
Nicholas Bivins
Nicholas Bivins is a ceramic artist finding out what is means to be a functional potter in 2012.
Timothy & Rebekah Berg & Myers
MyersBerg Studios is a collaboration between Timothy John Berg and Rebekah Myers who createe sculptural ceramics the explore ideas of material value and the consequences of the actions we take.
Bethany Benson
Bethany Benson creates utilitarian work to be used in social contexts.
Brian Benfer
Industrial and site specific ceramics.
Dylan J. Beck
Dylan J. Beck's artist portfolio, artist statement, resume, and contact information.
Chris Baskin
Wood and soda fired pottery by Chris Baskin.
Tom Bartel
Tom Bartel grew up on the Erie shores of Cleveland, Ohio and is known for his disturbing and humorous fragmented figures that take cues from a shotgun blast of influences ranging from antiquity to popular culture.
Jamie Bardsley
Ceramic installations.
Christa Assad
Christa Assad creates functional, utilitarian clay work with a contemporary, industrial edge.
Linda Arbuckle
Linda Arbuckle is known for the luscious majolica surfaces on functional ceramic wares.
Simon van der Ven
Simon van der Ven creates fine art, ceramic sculpture, and pottery with porcelain and stoneware in his Midcoast Maine studio.
Rob Barnard
Recent wood fired work and essays.
Michael Wisner
Thrown and altered porcelain.
Conner Burns
Conner Burns is a studio artist that focuses on the creation of vessels.
Wesley Anderegg
Wesley Anderegg combines handbuilding, sculpture and mixed media construction methods to produce figurative sculpture.
Marie E.v.B. Gibbons
Marie E.v.B. Gibbons works in clay & mixed media using the human figure as a metaphor.
Jamaica Clay
Pottery, sculpture and art from a Jamaican studio.
Melanie Brown Porcelain
Teapots shown in groups with silver, cane, rubber and beech additions.
Jennifer McCurdy
Wheel thrown porcelain artist on Martha's Vineyard.
Natalie Blake Studios
Natalie Blake Studios are located in Brattleboro, Vermont. Her ceramics work has been exhibited and collected throughout the continental United States and abroad. She is the recipient of many awards and her work has been acquired by the permanent collections of several museums.
Susan Filley
Contemporary porcelain.
Charlie Tefft Pottery
Charlie Tefft makes hand made pottery for the home that are created to serve food and drink, and interact with their owner both visually and physically.
Barbara Knutson Pottery
Handbuilt functional pottery.
Ryan Greenheck Pottery
Ryan Greenheck's porcelain delicacies are delightful, light-as-air constructs with flowing glazes.
Loretta Languet Pottery
Functional ceramics and a description of classes offered by Loretta Languet.
Marcelle Klein
A collection of abstract and sensual ceramic shapes, inspired by natural forms - seashells, stones, land formations.
Kristen Kieffer
Altered & ornamented functional ceramics.
Elizabeth Kendall
Sculptural ceramics, wall works and functional pottery.
Rain Harris
Ceramic works ranges in scale from dainty diminutive pedestal objects to large sprawling installations.
Ayumi Horie
Ceramic artist making functional, handmade pottery in the Hudson Valley of New York.
Chris Gustin
Architectural tile and sculptural ceramics.
John Glick Plum Tree Pottery
Located in Farmington Hills, Michigan, Plum Tree Pottery has been John Glick's private studio space since 1965.
Julia Galloway
Julia Galloway makes utilitarian pottery. These cups, pitchers, and containers have highly decorative surfaces.
Misty Gamble
Emerging artist & clay sculptor Misty Gamble creates ceramic sculpture that focuses attention on the figure and challenges conventional standards.
Julia Galloway
Julia Galloway makes utilitarian pottery. These cups, pitchers, and containers have highly decorative surfaces.
Sanam Emami
A functional potter interested in the intricacies of form, function and surface.
  Susan Elizalde-Holler
Contemporary figurative ceramic sculpture.
  Lisa Conway
Lisa Conway, ceramic artist, was born in Detroit, Michigan and received a B.F.A. in ceramics from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in 1990.
  Cindy Chiuchiolo
Cindy Chiuchiolo specializes in clay art ceramics and sculptural pottery as well as ceramic tiles.
  Liz Bryant
Figurative sculpture.
  Mark Boguski
Sculptural artwork and functional pottery take advantage of the versatile nature of clay as an infinitely expressive art material.
  Ingrid Bathe Porcelain Ceramics
Thoughtfulness is evident in the way I handle clay and necessary when viewing or handling my work.
  Lesley Baker
Sculptural ceramics.
  Jill Allen
Portland, OR based artist Jill Allen makes the nano world come alive with her inventive sculptures.
  Mathew Hyleck Pottery
Mathew Hyleck creates pots for everyday use, simple forms that speak primarily about functionality and the intimacy gained through daily use.


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