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Raku Pottery  

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Raku Pottery

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Raku Pottery


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more ceramic books

Marcia Selsor Studio
Marcia has been working in Raku for 45+ years. Her work currently focuses on Alternative firing processes; raku saggar and foil saggar pottery.
Kohaku River Pottery
Dedicated to David Roon\'s explorations in functional Raku. Emphasis on surface-carved coastal and mythological motifs, and on lanterns, fountains, and other functional forms.
Ceramics by Scott B. Young
Scott's portfolio of his raku ceramics, bio/resume, artist statement, exhibition and workshop experience.
JoAnne Bedient
Contemporary handbuilt raku fired shoes, cats, clocks, and vessels by South Florida artist, and a listing of galleries carrying her work.

Lois Hirshberg Raku Pottery
Lois Hirshberg's vessels are handbuilt from slabs of clay and then fired in an old technique that resembles components of a style developed by Japan's Raku family of potters in Kyoto.
Billy Ray Mangham
Billy Ray Mangham has been working in clay for 28 years. Billy Ray work is focused on the Raku process. Pottery.
Ken Jensen
Ken combines the contemporary technique of airbrush painting with the ancient Japanese tradition of Raku.
The Clay Cellar
The Clay Cellar is the studio of Joyce Furney creating custom and production Raku ceramic art objects.
Ariella Anderson
Ceramic artist Ariella Anderson specializes in Raku, achieving vivid and vibrant colours. Anderson’s work is contemporary and vibrant. Anderson redefines ceramics in her individual and challenging approach to clay. Her work is of female torsos depicting ethnic tribes of the desert, Raku wall hangings and flowing abstract sculptures to name a few.
Raku by Shekinah Clay
Raku art by Lynne Anderson. Includes gallery, biography, show schedule, photos of process & raku pottery currently for sale.
Nancy Briggs Pottery
Contains, gallery, part show list, photos of raku process links to galleries. Soon to be added, figurative sculpture.
EartHeart Studios: Art of Raku
Michele Rudenko is a fine art ceramicist offering hand built functional and decorative raku fired ceramics.
Ruth Apter / One Hundred Horses Raku
Raku fired small Animal Sculptures inspired by southwest native fetishes and Inuit sculpture. Wood framed raku art tiles.
Bruce Johnson
American style raku.
Almeda Pottery
Jon Almeda is an IGMA Fellow who creates intricate miniature wheel thrown pottery.
Knighton Pottery
Unique raku vessels by Alabama potter Jeff Knighton. His carved, stamped, paddled and altered pots stand out with intriguing surfaces and timeless forms.
Steven Forbes-deSoule
Information about Steven Forbes-deSoule's raku, including gallery of photos and workshop schedules.
Vicki Hardin
Raku and pit fired pottery.
Blue Spruce Pottery
Handmade Raku and Stoneware pottery by Michael and Michele Gwinup, Bend, Oregon USA.
C.L.S Free-style Experimental Ceramics
C.L.S Free-style Experimental Ceramics, from traditional ceramics techniques to contemporary ceramics technology, ceramic classics, ceramics workshops and classes around the world.
  Ceramic Art by Kevin Coffee
A gallery devoted to the ceramic art of Kevin Coffee, including Kosai vapor-glazed, raku, pit-fire and high fire tiles, drums, figures, vessels and jewelry.
 Eduardo Lazo - Ceramic Design Studio
Eduardo Lazo's online gallery showcasing kosai ware, pit-fire, raku, saggar fired and hand painted vessels and sculptural pieces.
Joachim Lambrecht
Keramische Arbeiten/Raku.  Raku-fired sculptural vessels and objects.
Raku Ceramics by Perry Okimoto
Hand built and wheel thrown functional and sculptural raku ceramics. Studio located in San Pedro, California.
Raku Pottery: The Alchemist
A description of a Dutch raku potter. Photo's give a good idea of the work. Special attention is given at glazes and glaze calculations.
Tony White Ceramics
Tony & Barbara White from mid Wales make hand-built Raku fired studio pottery to their own designs. The range includes animal and bird figures, thrown bowls, and extruded forms.
Randolph Sill:
On-line source for dysfunctional pottery!  Explore six different environments which display the unique, natural, surreal, sculptural ceramics of Randolph Joslyn Sill,
Wong Wares
Examples of Mark Wong's work and explanations of the glazes and process used to achieve these results.

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