FAQ# 3 What Clay Do I Use?  
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Have Questions? Email us. Following are some FAQs that may be helpful.

hi Vicki,
I have no tools, no kiln and would really like to make some simple coil  thumb pots using a pit fire.

 I have absolutely no idea where to start, and was wondering if you could offer me some advise on what type of clay I should buy that would be appropriate for pit  firing and how to make a simple firing outside. Any help or advice would be much appreciated

Kind Regards Nikky

While almost any clay can be pitfired with some care, I would recommend that you use an open body, one with some grog. Translated…ask your supplier for a raku clay or a cone six stoneware. The problem you are going to have foremost is firing without a bisque, which is the initial firing which drives the water off the clay and hardens it for glazing. A primitive firing is quite involved when you are working with pieces that have not been bisque fired because they are quite fragile when exposed the intense temperature changes involved with an open pit.

My recommendation would be to see if you could get a potter in your area to bisque your work first.
Then, it’s just a matter of stacking your work, filling the pit with fuel and setting It on fire for which there is more information on my site.

Good Luck,
Vicki Hardin