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Vicki Gardner Pottery
Original pottery and clay art designs for the modern home.
Erick Serritella Ceramics
Contemporary hand-carved ceramic trompe l'oeil birch tree teapots.
John Boland Pottery
John Boland Pottery is located in the scenic seaside village of Warren, R.I. John specializes in reduction fired stoneware and porcelain vessels.
Judy Weeden Pottery
This site has an artist profile, a portfolio of recent work, construction methods, workshop information, contact information.
Creekside Pottery – Timothy Sullivan
Located in Marietta Georgia, Timothy Sullivan produces a distinctive line of wheel thrown and altered porcelain and white stoneware vessels.
Vavatsis, George
Vavatsis George produces tableware out of oxidized stoneware and porcelain.
American Potters
American Potters is a national, searchable, database of potters, clay artists, teachers, students, or anyone involved in the clay industry that wants to be accessible to everyone across the country. It's a place for potters to have a complete presence on the web for 1/3 the price of just hosting a web site. A place for potters to have their portfolio/gallery and/or sell their work. An electronic reference for potters to locate other artists and/or workshop instructors. Go and join for free.

Atlas Clayworks
Autio, Rudy
Bailey, Clayton  
Bartel, Marvin

Bazard, Francoise 
Bjerkan, Peggy - Maskwoman  
Black Bear Pottery
Bouchette, Deborah - Aleatoric Art
Boyer, Jenniffer - Thistle Hill Pottery
Brink, Ann
Brodnax, Randy - Potter Clay Sculptor Educator
Brown, Jeff - Jeff Brown Pottery
Buckner, Bill
Burkett, Richard
Burnt Earth Ceramic Musical Instruments
Bullick, Vanessa
Caiger-Smith, Nick - Lustre Ceramics
Cannon, Jan
Carter, Helen
Chango Minerva
Chatenever, Scott -
Clennell, Tony - Sour Cherry Pottery  
Cohn, Bonita - Anagama Mama
Colyar, Pat   
Cornwall Bridge Pottery
Coyote, Clay & Color
Craig, Rob
Cuzick, David and Mary
Daly, Stephen
Devis, Gill - Real Life Art
Dietz, Rinske
Dibden, Arthur - Feats of Clay
Donaldson, Marek & Pauline - Mole Cottage Industries
Duclos, Monique
Edelman, Bacia
Eden, Eleanora
Eden, Victoria & Michael
Elert, Jessi
Engel, Marion
Evans, David - La Touffe Brewery and Pottery
Ewing, Lawrence - Matrix2000.htm  
Fábrega, Andrea
Farra, Mayssan Shora - Clayville Pottery

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