RAKU FAQ #1 What is Raku?

 This site showcases the ceramic works of Vicki Hardin that are fired with pit fire and raku techniques.    Here  you may visit Vicki's online gallery and find out about where her work is showing.
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Raku is a very unique ceramic firing process.  Glaze formulas often contain a lot of copper.  A raku piece is brought to approximately 1800F to 2000 degrees in a short period of time during which it is possible to watch the glaze mature.   At that time, the piece is carefully removed, with long tongs, and placed in a trash can of leaves sawdust and paper which ignite by the heat of the piece.  The lid is then placed on the can that is left to smolder causing a loss of oxygen in the chamber which affects the copper in the glaze. The result is a wide range of colors on the surface of the piece.  No two pieces are alike.  


Have Questions? Email us. Following are some FAQs that may be helpful.

FAQ #2 How to Pit Fire
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